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Skyblock Updates!

Hey everyone!

Today marks the first week since the release of our Skyblock gamemode. It’s been amazing to see a good amount of you on the server, building your island, finding bugs and giving us suggestions. We really appreciated your support.

We have some updates for you!

  • Starting from today, we are selling crate keys on our store at ! These will give you a chance of obtaining rare items with fancy enchantments or valuable blocks. You can either choose what sort of item you want by purchasing keys for a particular crate, or you can buy a SkyCrate which gives you a chance of obtaining multiple crate keys of all kinds. More details on the Crates category on the store!
  • Voting for the server (/vote) now gives you more rewards than before, including the keys we just mentioned! Remember that voting for us on the server lists helps us getting more visibility and keep the server running for longer!
  • We fixed a bug concerning some mob spawners by cutting the middle man - we swapped the plugin for a better one.

Bear in mind that our intention is not to create a Pay2Win experience. In fact, you can obtain the same items via other means (giveaways, voting, etc.). However, running a network has some non-trivial costs that we’re looking to cover in order to give you the best possible experience, for example by using better servers that are able to cope with many players without lagging. And as always, we’re open to suggestions if you’d like to see more items in those crates!

If you want to support us and get nice perks, now is the best time as we’re having a 30% SALE on the whole store! This will last until the end of next week, so hurry up!

Huge thanks to @yakovliam for helping me make all of this possible. We look forward to seeing you around on 🙂

— Ricky

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RE: Perry the Pigman

@wllr ur supposed to have mod on the forums, contact ricky.

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RE: custom enchants pls

I agree, Yako should, but it would add a whole new economy, hopefully it will come in the next update! 😄

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Staff Applications are now open!

We are opening staff applications!

Use this link to apply:

Good luck everyone!

-- Ricky

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Global Rules

The following rules apply on all gamemodes!


The following timeline applies to all bannable offences:

  • 1st offence: 7 day ban
  • 2nd offence: 14 day ban
  • 3rd offence: 30 day ban
  • 4th offence: Permanent ban

Bannable offences are listed below:

  • Harassment: Continued bullying, stalking, or other forms of harassment.
  • Inappropriate skin, username or cape: Discriminatory language or imagery, for example the swastika. Depictions of really inappropriate things. Mild language is fine.
  • Punishment evasion: Evading a punishment by using an alternative account or a bug.
  • Hacking: Using a hacked client or modification that gives you a significant advantage that is widely considered “not legit”. For example killaura is bannable, health display is widely considered fine and is not bannable.
  • Advertising: Posting any IPs, dodgy links that aren’t really recognizable like URLs, any inappropriate links etc.


The following timeline applies to all mutable offences:

  • 1st offence: 6 hour mute
  • 2nd offence: 1 day mute
  • 3rd offence: 7 day mute
  • 4th offence: 30 day mute
  • 5th offence: Permanent mute

Mutable offences are listed below:

  • Spam: Spamming gibberish, repeating the same thing in chat over and over, writing out song lyrics etc.
  • Excessive cursing / disrespect: Using any discriminatory language like the n word, homophobic slurs etc. Cursing repeatedly or using quite bad curse words like the C word.
  • Promotion: Posting a link to your YouTube channel or social media etc if it’s not got any PlayEmpire content.
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PlayEmpire v2 - Skyblock Launch!

Hey everyone!

The wait is over! PlayEmpire will launch a brand new Skyblock 1.12.2 server on May 9th, 2020!

Here’s the deets:

  • 4 starting islands: Light House, Lodge, Sandy, Snowy
  • Farming focused economy
  • Daily and weekly kits
  • Supply drops every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday @ 7:00PM GMT / 2:00PM EST
  • New ranks! We now offer: Quartz, Platinum, Rutile and Ruby. Check them out @
  • PvP Arena at spawn

As for network-wise changes:

  • We have new forums! - which you happen to be on right now.
  • Not affiliated with any YouTubers at the moment.
  • Always looking for partnerships!

The PlayEmpire Network is brought to you by @RickyB98 and @yakovliam 🙂

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