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hello everyone

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Skyblock Updates!

Hey everyone!

Today marks the first week since the release of our Skyblock gamemode. It’s been amazing to see a good amount of you on the server, building your island, finding bugs and giving us suggestions. We really appreciated your support.

We have some updates for you!

  • Starting from today, we are selling crate keys on our store at ! These will give you a chance of obtaining rare items with fancy enchantments or valuable blocks. You can either choose what sort of item you want by purchasing keys for a particular crate, or you can buy a SkyCrate which gives you a chance of obtaining multiple crate keys of all kinds. More details on the Crates category on the store!
  • Voting for the server (/vote) now gives you more rewards than before, including the keys we just mentioned! Remember that voting for us on the server lists helps us getting more visibility and keep the server running for longer!
  • We fixed a bug concerning some mob spawners by cutting the middle man - we swapped the plugin for a better one.

Bear in mind that our intention is not to create a Pay2Win experience. In fact, you can obtain the same items via other means (giveaways, voting, etc.). However, running a network has some non-trivial costs that we’re looking to cover in order to give you the best possible experience, for example by using better servers that are able to cope with many players without lagging. And as always, we’re open to suggestions if you’d like to see more items in those crates!

If you want to support us and get nice perks, now is the best time as we’re having a 30% SALE on the whole store! This will last until the end of next week, so hurry up!

Huge thanks to @yakovliam for helping me make all of this possible. We look forward to seeing you around on 🙂

— Ricky

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RE: votes

@EyePixeL said in votes:

hmm hmm @yakovliam

Please don't double post. Edit your posts next time. Merged posts.

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RE: Zero-tick farms

No, as it is essentially duping, I believe. Either way, it is causing plants to grow faster than normal, which is not allowed.

This is basically the same reason TNT dupes for cobblestone farms, or other farms is not allowed.

Dupes, glitches, and exploits, are not allowed.

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RE: Perry the Pigman

@Adaptness Perry the Pigman be partying all night.. who else?

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RE: Perry the Pigman

who is partying all night

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RE: custom enchants pls

I mean.... I'm not saying I want telekinesis, but... I want telekinesis

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RE: custom enchants pls

@EyePixeL said in custom enchants pls:

add custom enchants no cap

They should be actual custom custom enchants... I just don't really like the Custom Enchant plugin that is widely used.

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Staff Applications are now open!

We are opening staff applications!

Use this link to apply:

Good luck everyone!

-- Ricky

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