The following rules apply on all gamemodes!


The following timeline applies to all bannable offences:

  • 1st offence: 7 day ban
  • 2nd offence: 14 day ban
  • 3rd offence: 30 day ban
  • 4th offence: Permanent ban

Bannable offences are listed below:

  • Harassment: Continued bullying, stalking, or other forms of harassment.
  • Inappropriate skin, username or cape: Discriminatory language or imagery, for example the swastika. Depictions of really inappropriate things. Mild language is fine.
  • Punishment evasion: Evading a punishment by using an alternative account or a bug.
  • Hacking: Using a hacked client or modification that gives you a significant advantage that is widely considered “not legit”. For example killaura is bannable, health display is widely considered fine and is not bannable.
  • Advertising: Posting any IPs, dodgy links that aren’t really recognizable like URLs, any inappropriate links etc.


The following timeline applies to all mutable offences:

  • 1st offence: 6 hour mute
  • 2nd offence: 1 day mute
  • 3rd offence: 7 day mute
  • 4th offence: 30 day mute
  • 5th offence: Permanent mute

Mutable offences are listed below:

  • Spam: Spamming gibberish, repeating the same thing in chat over and over, writing out song lyrics etc.
  • Excessive cursing / disrespect: Using any discriminatory language like the n word, homophobic slurs etc. Cursing repeatedly or using quite bad curse words like the C word.
  • Promotion: Posting a link to your YouTube channel or social media etc if it’s not got any PlayEmpire content.