Suggestion Creation Guide
This guide contains information on how to properly create a suggestion.

Choosing a sub-category »
The process of choosing a sub-category is quite simple. Just think about what platform your suggestion is for, and then create your topic under that sub-category. All Discord suggestions should be made on our Discord server.

Naming your Post »
When making your post, make sure to create a name that adequately reflects the contents of your post. Don't name your post "{NAME}'s suggestion" (ie. Horizon's Suggestion) as that does not provide any information about what your suggestion is about. If you were making a suggestion about adding Spawners to the shop, you should name your post something along the lines of "Add Spawners to Shop."

What to include in your Post »

  • Your Discord Name (and ID, ie. Horizon#0789) for easy contact for follow-up questions or confirmations.
  • In-depth information about your suggestion if you are suggesting the implementation of a totally new feature.
  • Information about why you think your suggestion should be implemented